Missing Link Property Management; an Orange County Property Management Company, specializes in managing single-family homes, single condos, entire HOA’s, small and large apartments and commercial business properties in the Orange County area.

Our expert property management team takes on the day-to-day chores of managing your rental property so you can enjoy a successful investment.

We provide full-service residential management and leasing services. Whether you own one investment property or many, we have a service tailored to meet your needs.

We’ll take on the following responsibilities:

  • marketing your vacancy
  • screening and selecting tenants
  • implementing a legal lease agreement
  • collecting rent
  • tracking and reporting financial transactions
  • conducting residential overviews
  • responding to and solving maintenance requests
  • We excel at doing the jobs that require too much time and attention from you (and often give you headaches). Our management fees are fair and competitively priced.
  • Fortune Weavers Realty Inc has a proven track record and years of experience. Let us go to work for you!


Q: Does Missing Link Property Management handle all aspects of an unlawful detainer?

A: Yes, however, we do not pay for the attorney fees. We hire one of our trusted attorneys (or we can work with an attorney of your choice) and represent the client in court on their behalf. The client isn’t bothered with a single detail of the eviction process unless requested.

Q: What does your monthly fee cover?

A: Our monthly fee covers the cost of full-service property management. We handle 100% of everything in regards to your rental property. You can be involved as little or as much as you’d like.

Q: Do you require your property owners to useMissing Link Property Management maintenance crew?

A: No. We have our trusted vendors that we’ve worked with closely for many years, but if you have a handyman or vendor you’d like us to use at your property when maintenance/repairs occur, that is fine with us.

Q: Does Missing Link Property Management up-charge vendor invoices?

A: No, Missing Link Property Management does not have any hidden fees, surcharges or vendor mark-ups.

Q: Do you manage Air BnB and VRBO vacation rentals?

A: Yes, with the rising popularity of sites like Air BnB and VRBO, Fortune Weavers Realty Inc handles management for vacation rentals.

Q: What aspects of the AirBNB/VRBO management do you handle?

A: We handle 100% of everything. As soon as we get a key to the property, we take pictures and a video. The pictures are uploaded to the websites and the video is posted on YouTube as a virtual tour. We paste the link into the vacation rental listing. We handle all aspects of checking guests in and out, managing the website listing and respond to any maintenance requests.

After each guest leaves, we facilitate a cleaning crew to get it ready for the next guest. We also handle accurate accounting and maintenance records. The price for vacation rental management is slightly higher than normal management because it’s much more hands-on with the high turn over rate of guests, but you will find we beat most management prices and will match and beat anyone else’s price!

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes, we are licensed with the Bureau of Real Estate and insured through Farmers Insurance.

Q: Do you fully manage HOA communities?

A: Yes, we collect HOA dues, send out notices, account for payables and receivables, facilitate vendor services and handle any other task that the HOA may need. Services can vary from handling all aspects of managing the HOA to simply collecting the HOA dues.

Q: How are vendor invoices paid for maintenance and repairs?

A: We require all clients to have a minimum maintenance reserve of $300. The reserve funds come out of the rent income but is still the client’s money. These funds are used to pay for materials and labor if emergency needs arise. We do not front payments for vendor invoices.

Q: How do you show vacant units if you manage multiple properties?

A: BecauseMissing Link Property Management manages multiple properties, tenants are able to access vacant units on their own using a service called Rently (www.Rently.com). Rently has created a lockbox in which allows tenants to access vacant units by themselves.

Tenants are required first to provide a driver license, credit card and sign a waiver stating if anything is missing or damaged, their credit card WILL be charged. Rently verifies if the credit card is valid.

Once all these items are received by Rently, a lockbox code good for only one hour is released. After the hour is up, the lockbox combo revolves the code. The waiver tenants sign was created by attorney’s and is valid and legally binding if someone was to steal or damage something. In the years Rently has been in business, they have NEVER had to charge a credit card. Call for more information.

Q: If I am renting my house to Air BNB guests, do I need a certain type of rental insurance policy?

A: We are not insurance professionals. However, other clients keep a regular rental insurance policy on their property. Please seek the advice of an insurance professional. Air BNB offers a Host Protection Program that covers up to $1,000,000 in damages. For more information on this program please click the links below:

Q: What happens if an unlicensed handyman is injured at my property and tries to sue?

A: We are not insurance professionals. If you would like a referral to a fantastic insurance professional who owns rental property himself (and knows the ins and outs of protecting against frivolous lawsuits), we are happy to connect you! He can answer all of your questions in full.