There are loads of tasks Orange County Property Managers frequently perform for owners. Just really needing some Property Management services, and the Orange County Property Management company may offer more or less.

Property Evaluation Is A Must To Determine The Perfect Rental Rate

Detailed documentation of the interior and outdoors, make sure that you include photos. Offering recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements will maximize monthly rent while providing very good ROI(Return On Investment).

Make certain you gather data on rental rates in the area and work along with owners to come to an agreement on the optimal rental rate. Doing rent research will vary of course, but should always have a look at the recently rented comparable’s according to its size and type.

Discussing owners the pros and cons of different policies, some different policies may include accepting pets allowing tenants to smoke and so forth. Installing a lock box is at the owners’ discretion. Market the property to maximize rent prices.

Having a clean home will maximize interior appeal. Landscaping will help to increase curb appeal also. Creating ads that are tailored to the property helps with advertising.

  • Common Methods Used
  • Paid and free rental listing sites
  • Publication prints
  • Signs, of course
  • MLS
  • Fliers

Work with realtors and other leasing agents to find tenants. Make certain that you present a 24 hour hotline, potential tenants can listen to detailed information about the property. Meeting with potential tenants and showing the property throughout the week and weekends, is a must do.

Educating potential tenants with rental applications and explain to them the way to become legally compliant with the fair housing laws. Don’t forget to gather the applications with the application fee.

Tenant Screening And Selection

A background check to verify income, credit history, rental history is part of the being a Property Manager. Grading the tenant according to pre defined tenant criteria.

Tenant Moving In

Before the tenant proceeds in you must draw a leasing agreement. Make sure to confirm the exact transfer in date. Review lease guidelines together with the tenant regarding things like rental payment terms and necessary property maintenance and other procedures.

Make sure all agreements have been properly implemented to be able to perform a detailed move in inspection for the tenant and have the tenant sign a report verifying the condition of the property before moving in.

After you dot your I’s and cross your T’s you can collect first months rent and the deposit. Some variables that can come into play when collecting rent, unfortunately, is searching down for late payments, sending out pay or stop notices and even enforcing late fees.

Evictions Can Be A Sore Subject

Filing paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action is just one of the downsides of being a Property Manager, however it happens. You have to represent the owner in court. Coordinating with law enforcement to eliminate tenant and tenants possessions from the unit is just 1 part of Property Management.


Orange County Property Management can also arrive with giving advice in the event of a legal dispute or litigation. Finest thing to do is refer the owner to a qualified attorney.

Understand and abide by the latest local, state and federal legislation that apply to renting and maintaining, Property Management includes a great deal of rules and regulations.

Financial Rules

Supply accounting Property Management services. Payments are made on behalf of owner (i.e. Mortgage, insurance, HOA dues). Detailed documentation of costs can be made via statements and receipts.

Maintain all historical records, that can consist of paid invoices, leases, inspection reports and warranties. Annual reporting are structured for tax purposes as well as required tax documents, including a 1099 form.

As part of Property Management, providing advise to the proprietor on relevant tax deductions related to their rental property is part of the package of being a Property Manager. Another task that is part of Property Management involves supplying easy to read monthly cash flow statements which offer a detailed breakdown of income and other itemized expenses.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling

Property Management manages an in house maintenance team. Establish a maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs that can be prevented. Provide a network of licensed, bonded and fully insured contractors that are affordable and have expertise when it comes to keeping up to code.

Orange County Property Management consist of assigning jobs to different parties (in house workers, handyman and professional contractors). In house workers have to maintain outdoor areas, that includes leaf and snow removal.

Tenant Ready To Transfer Out

Another side of Orange County Property Management involves inspecting units and filling out reports about the property’s condition when the client moves out. Provide tenant with a copy as well as any estimated damages.

Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant if the property is in the same condition as when the tenant move right into. Forward any part of the proprietor’s part of the tenant deposit into the proprietor or if repairs have to be done, hold in owner reserves for repairs. Clean unit and perform needed repairs or upgrades.

An important factor to take in is to re-key the locks once the tenant moves out. Once the device is ready to be revealed the Property Manager will do his/her occupation and exhibit the device.