Orange County Property Managers always hear renters views about how Property Managers are and how they enjoy to squeeze out every possible penny out of a security deposit. This is a very common misconception that is further from the truth.

When a fully refunded safety deposit gets refunded, it means that the renter followed the lease to the point. There was not any damage to the property, and the tenant is finishing the lease with the property looking as nice and clean as day one.

Unfortunately, it is a common happening for security deposit deductions because renters don’t read the fine print and follow their lease agreement.

Furthermore, a deduction can range from the full deposit utilized to fix a destroyed property, to a couple hundred dollars being substituted to fill nail holes and repainting the room.

Details About Decorations From Our Orange County Property Managers

As far as decorating, Orange County Property Management Companies many times discover that their tenants are turning a blind eye to the lease stipulations that have no painting, no nails, no paint striping tape or alterations are to be done to the apartment.

Instead of dealing with an angry tenant who wants to fight you about the details of the security deposit that they”did not know” nail holes count as damage, Orange County Property Management Companies usually give renters the resources and knowledge about what is going to be determined as renter friendly decorations, aka every Orange County Property Manager’s favorite phrase Damage Free.

Orange County Property Management Companies do share that the more comfortable a renter feels in a decorated home, more than likely they will renew their lease and eventually become a long term tenant.

Command Hooks

Orange County Property Managers say that these tacky backed hooks make hanging things in a rental a dream. The happen to be damage free hooks that attach to walls via adhesive strips. Command hooks are easily eliminated when the renter moves decides to redecorate.

Command products are versatile than just hooks and include cabinet organizers, picture ledges, bathroom caddies, and sometimes even towel bars.

Decals For The Wall

Orange County Property Management Companies clearly understand that children go crazy for vinyl decals, they are removable adhesive images that can be adhered to walls and eliminated without causing any damage whatsoever.

Wall decals have a handful of designs from silhouettes quotations, trees and plenty of other designs. Some online companies offer customized wall decals, from personal photographs to phrases.

Extra Storage

Orange County Property Management Companies will often share that installing new shelves will get a large fat penalty from most landlords, although, extra storage is often a need in small rentals that have minimal space.

Stand alone shelves or perhaps bookcases can be an alternative solution for decorating or if you are in need of storage.

Masking Tapeish

Washi Tape is kind of just like masking tape, it has adhesive tape that comes in a variety of fun colors and also patterns. Orange County Property Management companies say that renters can create a Gallery Wall using Washi Tape as a unique way to display photos and prints.

The amazing part about Washi tape is that it is cheap and available at most hobby/craft shops or online. The most critical thing about Washi tape is that it’s damage free and it is removable.

Succulent House Plants

A bit of greenery will brighten up a renter’s home and succulents are small enough that renters can place them on a coffee table or window sill. Using a simple indoor plant can encourage your green renter to resist the temptation to tear up landscaping to plant anything out.


Orange County Property Management Companies make it quite apparent that if a renter approaches you with a different idea about the property, do think about turning them down. If the decor boosts the property such as a curtain rod or light fixture, think about giving them the green light.

In addition, always remember, the more effort a renter puts in making their property their own, more than likely you’ll guarantee a long term tenant.

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