Orange County Property Management says, a walkthrough is a necessity once a tenant has moved out. You have to asses how the property appears.

Renter Moves Out

Orange County Property Management Companies say, when a tenant gives notice they are moving out, you should not worry. Once you get the notice, visit the property to analyze the current condition of the property. You have to check if there’s any maintenance that’s may be required.

If you do find any issues with the property, you can inform the tenant about their obligation.

Fix or replace any appliances, but only if required.

Make a list of all things that need to be replaced.

If anything was broken or needed to be replaced, you have to allow the former renter know about the damages.

Professional Services Being Scheduled

Orange County Property Management Service Providers say that once the tenant is out, you will likely have to schedule some sort of professional service.

Again, only if there is a need.

Professional services include plumbers, painters, electricians, contractors or cleaners, an so on.

You have to have an open channel of communication with your service providers.

Placing a good relationship with them can get you no more vacant days in your property.

With great rapport, they’ll assist you in whatever distress you are in.

Supplies For The Property

Orange County Property Management Companies say often you want a storage device where you can save all of your purchased items and supplies.

Everything you purchase will add up to a nice amount of money, you don’t want certain items in plane sight where someone could just grab your bought item or supply.

If you have paint buckets, light bulbs and easy to assemble furniture, maintain them at a storage unit.

Clean Up

Orange County Property Management says, if a lease states that the tenant doesn’t have to clean the property, it is up to you or your property manager to get the property clean.

Make certain to schedule a cleaning of the yard during the last week that your tenants lease finishes.

There could be many tasks regarding your property, this is why a walkthrough is a necessity.

It might have to cut the grass, removing leaves, cut overgrown shrubs and trees, eliminate dead plants, clean the sidewalk and plenty of other tasks to handle.

You may even have to employ an exterminator.

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