Orange County Property Managers have heard that some renters see the landlord or manager as the not so good guy. In addition, they’re job dictates them relying the message of any increased rend, to explaining in detail why tenants won’t be receiving their security deposit backy.

This can feel like delivering not so great news, and unfortunately, this is only half of the job. Furthermore, you have to have a great landlord and tenant relationship.

Orange County Property Management Breakdown Common Mistakes

1. Telling The Applicant They Will Not Be Chosen

Orange County Property Managers say that it’s essential to know how to deny a rental applicant.

  • You have to be considerate and empathetic when denying an application.
  • You also have to be aware of important legal matters when informing an applicant.

Be sure to fully research all requirements in your state before telling the applicant anything at all.

In addition, also remember that a currently unqualified applicant could be a potential customer in the future, so don’t count them out. This tends to happen more often with young renters who don’t have any credit history, be aware of your attitude and tone when denying an applicant.

2. Blindsiding The Tenant By Raising Rent

Orange County Property Management Service Providers have also learned that raising rent is a reality that you cannot ignore for an investment to grow.

Tax inflations and maintenance costs add up, any savvy investors clearly understand that they must pass those additional costs onto tenants. Although, you can find ways to mitigate shock and headaches for tenants, by facing an increase in their monthly rent.

First, it’s vital to inform your tenants why the raise will happen, provide a reason that ensures the tenant that they are valued. Don’t do it in one big jump, raise rent by a small percentage each year.

3. Closing The Pool For Maintenance

Orange County Property Managers Orange County Property Management Company

Orange County Property Managers don’t have to underestimate a tenants love for the amenities. Be prepared for some negative feedback when you announce that a certain amenity will be closed for maintenance.

To decrease any tenant distress, be sure to make plans ahead. Sudden news can shock your tenants so be sure to give them enough lead time to collect there thoughts.

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