Orange County Property Management says, if you don’t know yet, how to give a detailed response about a particular review.

It’s recommended to say, Thank you for your review! We’re currently looking into the matter and we’ll have an update immediately.

Make sure to ask them if they have more information you should know, to please call or email you right away.

Orange County Property Management – Back And Forth Comments Are Bad For Business

Orange County Property Management says, when you respond to a review once or twice, it shows that you’re on top of the matter.

You should ask them to contact you either by a phone call or email.

When you get into a public battle with a critic, it’s not a good look for your business.

Even if you’re right, it’s a show of low class when you get into a verbal altercation.

Especially on a public platform.

Track The Trend

Orange County Property Management says, be sure to have a running tally of prompted reviews.

This should be done to do both positive and negative reviews.

Sometimes you’ll get a review with two people mentioning the same thing at the same time about your apartment community.

Let the issue be about garbage pick up, a dirty pool, a bad workout room, or even worse, unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Anything that is written about the property, has to be handled quickly.

Your reputation matters a big deal.

Getting Feedback

Orange County Property Management says, encourage residents to contact your business about constructive criticism.

With great rapport, they’ll get comfortable speaking with you and your staff.

This will give you a better chance of intercepting any negative information.

Try to encourage your happy residents to leave a positive review.

Around when a tenant signs a lease or their renewal time, you could ask for feedback.

A good time to also ask would be, after the completion of a work order.

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