Orange County Property Management Companies take care of an exceptional amount of day to day tasks, from communicating with tenants and owners to managing the business. But in order to keep up with it all, time management is one of the most essential aspects of being a Orange County Property Manager.

After time management is organized and structured, a property system has to be integrated. This is typically where technology comes into action.

Here are three obstacles of managing your Orange County Property Management business without a cloud based system.

Orange County Property Management Data Entry Will Take A Long Time

in the modern era, Orange County Property Management Companies might have an issue going over data if they don’t use a cloud based system, the problem is more than likely a spreadsheet.

Even though spreadsheets are a great way to collect and store data, the volume of data can become unmanageable once your business begins to grow and spread. If you’d like to use the data you collect to help better your business, you need to make the transition

File Access Outside Of The Office

Without a cloud based system your data can’t flow when you’re away, most Orange County Property Management Companies often times deal with software products that are based on office computers.

Owners and tenants want and at times, need after hours service. In addition, they also need to be able to access data when you’re at the property, not hours or even days later. Orange County Property Management Companies use Property management software to solve mobility challenges such as:

  • Mobile inspection apps that can organize inspection data on the spot.
  • Orange County Property Management Companies use Document management tools and electronic signatures to bring up leasing agreements and have tenants sign them while the Orange County Property Manager is there at the property.
  • It can also give you access to data in an emergency. Even if the Orange County Property Manager doesn’t have access to the office, the data will still be there in the cloud.

Dealing With Calls And Emails In High Volume

Orange County Property Management Company

Sometimes Orange County Property Managers can get bombarded, the constant calls and emails that come in from tenants and owners can be a bit much for some. Experienced Orange County Property Management Companies use tenant and owner portals to track all communication and provide information such as account data. With cloud-based software, you can communicate with owners and tenants more effectively.


In due time, Orange County Property Management Companies will learn the benefits of cloud based rental Property Management software. This will not only help aid Property Managers to help organize their day to day routine, but this will help keep the rest of the business in line.

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