Orange County Property Management says, word of mouth reputation still, is very popular in the business world.

Word of screen reputation is just as important.

A recent study showed, that online reviews are now the top driver in the decision process for renters.

Three quarters of residents look at reviews during their research of an apartment.

Apartment and home seekers rate the importance a management company’s reputation in their decision by a process of 8 out of 10.

Be sure to maintain a positive online reputation.

It’s critical when your business survives the consumer’s first cut.

Orange County Property Management – Ignoring Bad Reviews Can Hurt The Business

Orange County Property Management say, in order to neutralize the damage of a bad review, you have to be prompt.

Respond in a professional manner, and then thank the user for bringing the matter to your attention.

If you have a plan on how to address the issue, be sure to let the user know how you plan to so.

No dealing with a bad review will hurt your reputation, handle a bad review diplomaticly.

Clients Are Always Watching

Orange County Property Management say, everyone from current landlords to future investors, clients will use reviews to gauge your quality of service.

It’s important to be prompt and provide a high quality response.

When you have a a property manager on site, they’ll have a reflection on your company’s reputation.

Not necesserally with the residents, but with people who actually have the power to terminate property management contracts.

Appointing An Online Brand Manager

Orange County Property Management say, when appointing a brand manager, they need to monitor major review sites and other relevant platforms, regularly.

They need to check the most active review sites once a week.

Your company’s social media accounts should need be reviewed, as well.

Set up Google alerts, you’ll get alerted when someone writes something about your company.

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