Orange County Property Management Companies often will tell you that they’ll get a tenant calling in panic every now and then about severe pet allergies. This usually happens because of a previous tenant who had pets. Although they weren’t a problem when the tenant was living there at the time.

Always Have A Clean Property

Orange County Property Managers will also tell you that a brand new tenant will insist at times to do a thorough cleanup, and generally this request will come from a tenant who has a problem with severe allergies. There may be a thought to yourself, is this a complete requirement?

The absolute best course of action in this situation would be to get some certified professional cleaners, quickly. With no time wasted. As pet allergies of any kind is nothing to put on the back burner. Orange County Property Managers imply, these type of allergies are known to contribute to chronic asthma and many other airborne disease. If it gets really bad these allergies can be severe and could cause all sorts of complications including asthma attacks.

How To Deal With Disabilities As An Orange County Property Manager

Orange County Property Management Companies say when you don’t clean the apartment properly after the last tenants, the unclean air could cause a life changing anaphylactic reaction for those with this severe disability. When you do not clean the property entirely you raise levels and possibilities of a potential health attack from one of your tenants.

Disabilities should be taken very serious. Any accommodations you can provide should be clearly stated. So you understand the importance as you can see under the Fair Housing Act, tenants are entitled to reasonable accommodation under the law. By law.

How To Deal With Severe Asthma As An Orange County Property Management Company

Orange County Property Management Companies Orange County Property Manager

Orange County Property Management Companies clearly understand that when you have asthma its not only a horrible inconvenience, but, it’s far more than just grabbing your go to inhaler. If you didn’t know Asthma is a lethal disease, it attributed 3,518 deaths in 2016, this is according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control.)

Although it is rare, too much exposure to pet proteins such as dander, saliva, urine, and so on, can potentially or absolutely cause a lethal anaphylactic reaction.

Though this is only in extreme cases with certain individuals. You never know who’s moving in somebody can have a lethal allergic reaction by simply eating peanuts or even getting a bee sting.  Orange County Property Managers say, it can happen to anyone.

FHA (Fair Housing Act)Orange County Property Management says, under the Fair Housing Act, an individual that is considered disabled is entitled to reasonable accommodation on housing. FHA simply states, if they have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits them from all major life activities. If the allergies are so bad that they inhibit you from going to work or school, simple basic functions like breathing.

If you’re having difficulty, it’s likely you’re going to qualify under the FHA. Triggering an obligation for a reasonable accommodation by the landlord.

In 2008, when Congress decided to expand the definition of a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. They then added that asthma was among the conditions identified specifically. Having asthma qualifies you under the new broader definition of disability.

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